what are data lists and why are they used

Whether you are running your own small company or if you are linked with any bigger organization, you are required to analyze business data, before making any decision. This is important to make smarter decisions and this is requirement of top management to look for real time data, as it is a good way of giving tough competition to other leading companies in the market and becoming favorite in the market.

What are data lists?

Company internal data, is usually required for making plans and budgets, while external data is required for outlining marketing activities, therefore information is required in a form which is understood able for making the decisions. The information generated from multiple departments in the raw form is difficult to explore and to make it more meaningful, data lists are created and this information is presented in organized way.

Uses of Data lists

if you are project manager in the company, it is your core responsibility to deliver completed project on time and this due require efficient decisions and these decisions cannily be made if all the required information is available to you in organized manner and this is possible through making data list and then presenting it to the person, required in the company.